Britain needs leaders. You can be one of them. Be part of the solution.



This nation needs prayer.

To be specific, this nation needs YOUR prayers.

REVIVE BRITAIN is a movement for those who wish to see the United Kingdom engulfed with the glory of God and who long for Britain to be great once more.

Membership is FREE and it’s easy to join!

All that is required to be a member is for you to commit to pray regularly for the United Kingdom.

If you like what you read and want to be part of a growing body of Christians who are purposefully laying hold of God for Britain, simply register to become a member.

Members receive regular updates and messages.

If you wish to hook up with a REVIVE BRITAIN group near you or hold a regular REVIVE BRITAIN meeting in your home, church or other venue, please contact us.

We can train and equip you to be an awakener in your community.

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